We are a recognised Mimecast MSP Partner with our own dedicated value-adding services and solutions we have built to enhance your Mimecast Cloud Service experience.

We provide and all-in-one email service that simplifies your email complexity and consolidates all your needs into a single service level agreement including email security, branding, archiving, risk, compliance, continuity, migration and operations.

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Inclusive Enterprise Collaboration Platform

Mobile Network Operations and Municipal Infrastructure Improvement


Alternate MNO solutions that mitigate service improvement risks for MNO’s in multiple forms and areas. We have developed our own specialised Advanced Public Participation programme with key Experts that continuously evolve the ease of municipal, and regional, MNO Infrastructure deployment and implementation.

We assist in Municipal Revenue Generation while we have created countless Local Job Opportunities.

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Industries We Serve

Our clients are in multiple industries and we add value to them, daily.

These include Insurance, Travel, Hospitality, Mining, Engineering, Gaming, Technology, Finance, Health, Manufacturing, Automative, Government, Mobile Networks, Retail, and many more.


Enterprise Development

We have a number of smaller partner organisations that we share development strategies with, in order to help play our part in the collaborative growth environment, these partners are part or our innovation journey and social benefit programme.

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How We Serve Our Clients

We believe that people are our core asset. Our teams are made up of:

Out of the box thinkers that are generally willing to be labelled as unconventional, and have affinity to structured risk exploration and management, open to constant learning, and sharing of experiences in solution simplicity TO ADD VALUE to our clients.

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Our Kind of Customer

Those who look for the alternative to complexity, who seek value first and fore-most, who want to do things differently with a level or predictable success, with a wider beneficiation at all the times.


Innovation in Technology and Services Aggregation. – [SIMPLIFIED]

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Data Enrichment, Technology, Cloud Technology,
Telecommunications, and Data Verification.