About Us

We are bunch of like-minded unconventionally motivated thinkers, who choose to use see innovation-thinking as a means to simplify complexity in business creation, operations, and solutions to help our clients achieve business success.

Afrovation is experienced in providing technology solutions, through cloud email services, telecommunications infrastructure, data enrichment and verification.

Founded in 2007

We were founded in 2007, and continue to be a entrepreneurially cultured company made up of a specialised dedicated teams of out-of-the-box thinkers, who are not afraid to take risks to help our clients succeed in value delivery, but also recognise the need to be operationally efficient.

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Building a Legacy

  • We have been in the technology business since 2007, as Afrovation

  • A combined experience pool of more than 100 years from our talented people

  • Afrovation was founded by Ramutla brothers, Maxwell and Sydney

  • Our aim is to provide value to the industry

  • Maximising the opportunity to bring a unique take on professional service delivery

  • Offering innovative solutions management

Making a Difference

As Afrovation, we strive to make a difference, and remain positively ambitious in playing our part in moving Africa, Southern Africa, and the industries we choose to participate in, forward in leaps and bounds.

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Our Values

  • Simplicity in what we do and how we do it

  • Ethical behaviour in how we do business

  • Mutual benefit through exceptional service quality

  • Respect for our people, clients and community

  • Appreciate technology disruption and its capability

  • If it is good for South Africa, and Africa, then count us in!

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Providing comprehensive security controls before, continuity during and automated recovery after an attack.

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Our mission is to help bring services to value, as quickly as possible, to benefit all.


Innovation in Technology and Services Aggregation. – [SIMPLIFIED]

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Data Enrichment, Technology, Cloud Technology,
Telecommunications, and Data Verification.